Thrash / Crust Metal from Kelowna, BC, Canada

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Justin B. - Guitar, Vocals (2013-Present)

Matt P. - Guitars, Backup Vocals (2014-2019)
Kurtis H. - Drums (2015-2018)
Kyle T. - Bass (2016)
Sam K. - Guitars, Backup Vocals (2014-2015)

noun | ir·ra·di·a·tion | \i-ˌrā-dē-ˈā-shən\
1: exposure to radiation
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The band was formed in early 2014 by three audio engineering students. Justin had a plethora of riffs and demos recorded throughout the years, which would get the interest of his classmates Matt P and Sam K, who joined on drums and guitar, respectively. The speed/thrash musical style signalled a throwback to the heyday of metal, in the vein of classic crossover and thrash bands, with lyrics and imagery concerning nuclear warfare, corruption, the environment, and politics.

The band would record their first EP, "First Strike", at CATO's recording studio in the summer of 2014. Sam would record guitar parts for their 2nd EP "Retaliate" in the winter of 2014/2015, before returning home after graduation. The following summer, an eventual lineup change put Matt on guitar and newcomer Kurtis on drums. For a brief period, bassist Kyle T was enlisted in early 2016, and Justin moved to guitars.

The band would continue as a 3-piece, eventually recording their debut full length album "Annihilate" in 2016. Shortly after, Kurtis would be removed from the band due to creative and personal differences. The band would temporarily get the help of drummer Jamie from the Dragstrip Devils, playing their remaining scheduled shows and a festival appearance.

Irradiation has travelled as far as Vancouver, Victoria, Kamloops, and Calgary, and have played various festivals such as Armstrong MetalFest, and Loud as Hell in Drumheller.

All would come to a hiatus in late 2018, with Justin pursuing additional education and Matt eventually leaving the band to pursue his career and other goals. During this period however, Justin was always continuing to write new material for Irradiation...


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